“We are all stars and deserve to twinkle.”

I saw in the news this weekend that photographs from Marilyn Monroe’s last photo shoot are about to be auctioned. The photos taken just weeks before her death are expected to fetch upwards of £4,000 each when they go on sale 10th-15th March.

I think that it is both amazing and marvellous that some 53 years after her death we are still so interested in this Hollywood icon. Both men and women alike admire her, although certainly for different reasons.

When you look online there are so many beautiful pictures of her in circulation, it’s hard to believe that she might ever have had a bad hair day.  If only we all had a small army of stylists to get us ready in the morning the world would certainly be a more glamourous place.

It will be interesting to see just how much the photographs go for.

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