Environmental Policy

Sassy Spirit and the Environment


Our Goal

The Sassy Spirit Environmental Policy outlines our commitment to reducing our ongoing impact on the world and sets standards by which we can operate with transparency to enable our customers to make informed purchasing decision.



How are we doing it?

Sassy Spirit has been taking steps to be a more environmentally focused retailer. Whilst the process is an ongoing one we are pleased to share with you what we have done so far and what you can expect from us going forward.


  • We are phasing out all plastic bags from our point of sale transactions. This process is already well advanced as we have run down our stock of plastic bags and replaced them with paper bags. For larger purchases we have been using our Sassy Spirit re-usable bags on a complimentary basis to negate the need for a plastic carrier bag.


  • For online sales we have been re-using and recycling bubble wrap, air pockets and cardboard packaging we receive from our suppliers with our stock deliveries. This has meant a lack of uniformity in some of the parcels we send out but we felt it was the right decision to re-use what we could rather than send it back out for commercial re-cycling. This process will be ongoing whilst our suppliers continue to provide for our needs. Our biggest challenge for online sales is sourcing a replacement plastic envelope for small purchases, this is something we are continuing to investigate whilst we run down our existing stock.


  • The office printer has been transitioned to a refill subscription so we are no longer buying Ink Cartridges. The service provider facilitates larger cartridges which last longer and there is less rotation of refilled cartridges travelling through the postal system.


  • Working with environmentally focused suppliers is now a priority for all our new relationships. We are actively seeking out new stock from suppliers that have themselves put environmental policies in place and are taking their own steps to minimalise the environmental impact of their business and it’s supply chain.


  • We are helping our customers make more informed choices. This has meant us creating 6 visual symbols that have been added to our product listings. These symbols provide our customers with transparency over the products composition, it’s packaging and its supply chain. You can expect to see the following 6 symbols appearing more frequently on the products we offer.


Environmentally Focused – This symbol is used to indicate that the product supplier has been vetted by Sassy Spirit and has in place their own Environmental Policy. They have taken active steps to reduce the environmental impact of their business and are working on further sustainability goals.

Sassy Spirit Environmentally Focused Logo

Ethically Sourced – We have suppliers providing us with hand crafted artisan products, where this occurs we want to assure our customers that we will only ever bring you products that have been ethically sourced. To this end we are assured by our suppliers that they have visited the makers in their setting and seen first hand their working conditions. We also seek assurance from our suppliers that a "fair" agreement has been reached for the purchase price of the items.

Sassy Spirits Ethcially Sourced Logo

Made in Britain – Reducing the travelled miles of products reduces their carbon footprint. Where we are able to offer products made in Great Britain we will happily share this information.

Sassy Spirits Made in Britain Logo

Plastic Free – Suppliers are transitioning to Plastic Free packaging but some are doing it faster than others. Where our suppliers have been able to provide products in plastic free packaging we will show this.

Sassy Spirits Plastic Free Logo

Recycled Materials – We are seeing more and more use of re-cycled materials. This symbol indicates that either the product itself or the packaging for the product has been manufactured using re-cycled materials. For clarity please read the product description for a more detailed understanding.

Sassy Spirits Recycled Materials Logo

Sustainable Materials – The responsible use of our natural world is key to the long term stability of the planet. We use this symbol to indicate that the supplier has provided a product that is manufactured using sustainable materials.

Sassy Spirit Environmental Sticker for Sustainable Materials

Like our planet our Environmental Policy will be an ever evolving thing. We will continue to review the things we can do to improve our practices and that of our suppliers. Questions on our policy or for more information on our products and their supply chain please email info@sassyspirit.co.uk


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