Leading the Way in Exciting Recycled and Sustainable Fashion

Leading the Way in Exciting Recycled and Sustainable Fashion

How does a used Plastic Bottle become a beautiful bag? 

It's a question that the average person probably can't answer and has probably never even thought to ask.

Thankfully there are now manufacturers in the fashion industry that are asking that question and more importantly taking action to make it happen.

Introducing Sixton London; a husband and wife team with a passion for the planet and creating beautiful fashion pieces from recycled materials.

In our search for more sustainable minded suppliers I was delighted to find Sixton and learn about their beautiful creations made predominantly from used plastic bottles.

Plastic waste

The life of a plastic bottle is quite fascinating. Did you know that if it's not recycled a simple water bottle will take upto 450 years to breakdown and even then only if it is exposed to sunlight? The result is still lots of tiny pieces of plastic, dangerous to wildlife and the environment but left untouched on the ground it would take 5 human lifetimes to break up.

Re-using plastic bottles is one of the single biggest challenges of this generation and one we all need to play a part in. Equally amazing to how long a plastic bottle can survive is the countless ways it can be recycled and given a second life. 

Plastic Water Bottles are made from PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), the most common plastic worldwide. Produced from Crude Oil and Fossil Fuels, the production of PET is a huge contributor to the environmental crisis facing our planet. The mainstream recycling of PET into rPET is essential for the future of our race. Thankfully our use of recycled PET is growing and through innovation and development amazing achievements have been made that now allows the creation of a wide range of products made from materials that started their lives as plastic bottles.

Sixton London are one such supplier that has embraced the use of rPET to manufacture beautiful things and I am very pleased to now be stocking some of their products including their Vegan Leather Cross Body Bags.

I was astounded by the feel, texture and quality of their handbags, made entirely from 100% recycled materials and I am sure you are going to love them. Every product from Sixton is enhanced with a removable Bee Brooch, hand made from recycled glass. Leave them on the item for decoration or wear them yourself, the choice is yours. You will see from the product lines that there is quite a variety of Bees and you could easily start a very pretty collection.

With more products coming in the Autumn our initial collection features the Vegan Cross Body Bags and Quilted Velvet Make up and Wash Bags.

The environmental credentials of the Wash and Make Up Bags are equally as impressive, utilising recycled Velvet as well as rPET interiors.

A vibrant and bright assortment of colour options will leave you spoilt for choice.

Velvet Wash and Make up Bags on bright colours

I am genuinely thrilled to be able to bring Sassy Spirit customers such an exciting new range with such an environmental and ethical focus. We all need to take steps to buy and choose sustainable fashion options over the throw away options of recent years. Why not consider making sure your next fashion purchase comes from a sustainable source.

View our collection here.

Thanks for reading.

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