Lincolnshire Speaker

Are you a Ladies group looking for a local speaker?

Since starting Sassy Spirit I have been giving talks to ladies groups across Lincolnshire.

If you have a requirement for a speaker and are based within an hour of Louth please email 

Clare Manning, speaker based in Lincolnshire

Current Talks:

THE HISTORY OF THE HANDBAG From Australian Cave dwellers through the French Revolution and the advent of the railway; this is a journey through time. Hear how the Handbag we carry with us today has evolved from very humble beginnings to the essential ladies companion.

THE CONSCIOUS CONSUMER Throw away fashion is a global problem. Our planet can not sustain our current consumption of it's raw materials. We have to take steps to modify our purchasing habits and all play a role in living more sustainably. Learn how Sassy Spirit is helping it's customers make better choices and what we can all do to help.

BRING BACK THE BROOCH Once the staple of any ladies jewellery collection, the brooch suffered a dreadful decline in popularity. This talk reflects on why we wear brooches, symbolism, how Breast Cancer Awareness was key to the brooch resurgence and where a brooch fits today.



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