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Welcome to Sassy Spirit

Hi and welcome to Sassy Spirit. I am Clare, Sassy Spirit is my company.
Sassy Spirit founder Clare Manning with Fashion Guru Gok Wan
I have never been the slimmest of girls; in fact, once I hit my teens my Boobs and Bum grew with a vengeance and it’s a constant battle for me to keep that under control! It means I don’t particularly like shopping. I hate trying clothes on because I am too often disappointed with how they look on me. Over the years I have been on countless girlie shopping trips and felt miserable because I couldn’t find clothes I liked, that fitted me.
One thing I did regularly though was buy accessories. Whilst my friends were all trying clothes on, I would hunt out a new bag, a scarf or a piece of jewellery. It didn’t matter what size I was, these things always fit and more importantly, they made me feel good. When I got home I would enjoy trying them on with my clothes and I loved the confidence boost they gave me.

"Accessories didn’t just finish off my outfit they completed me, gave me courage, poise and a sense of assurance."

When it came to setting up my company my desire to give other ladies a fearless belief in themselves drove me to choose a wide and varied selection of accessories that would help them to feel good too. By finishing off your outfit with carefully selected individual accessories you can lift your confidence, make a statement and go out into the world feeling ready for anything.
You can see me in the picture above with the style guru himself Gok Wan. It was an honour when I was asked to bring Sassy Spirit to one of Goks Fashion Brunch Clubs. Meeting him and seeing his love of fashion as he showcased women of all shapes, sizes and ages was fantastic. It reaffirmed for me my own belief that all women should aspire to be beautiful and confident. I love the Urban dictionary’s definition of Sassy. “possessing the attitude of someone endowed with an ungodly amount of cool”. Add to this a little bit of courage and we can all be Sassy Spirits.
So if you are anything like me and would love to be feeling more confident in yourself hang around and check out the beautiful things.
Thanks for reading.


Clare Manning - Founder


“Every woman I have ever met is utterly beautiful......I just wish they could see what I see.” Gok Wan