Another Green Step Forward

Another Green Step Forward

As we head into the Autumn/Winter of 2022 I am pleased to be bringing my customers another exciting new supplier and yet again this company brings us beautiful products with a very environmental focus.

Say hello to Nephele!

Nephele Logo

Their company tag line gives you an insight into their mission and I just love what they produce with sustainability at the forefront.

What do you get when you take leather off cuts destined for landfill, add quality brass fittings, design flair, animal print and skilled craftsmen?

You get one of a kind, beautifully made and entirely unique bags!!!!!

 Nephele Bags

Every single Nephele bag is totally individual.

Firstly the bags are made from an assortment of Leather off cuts which means their sides, fronts, back and interiors are all different. 

Secondly the textured cow hide used on the front of the bags is hand painted to resemble animal print and every piece is an individual work of art.

This really does mean that no 2 bags are the same. Just like people.

We have a starter collection on the website now but will be adding more bags as we learn from you which are the sizes and styles that you like.

So if you love a bit of animal print and consider yourself an original it's definitely worth checking out the collection, we could have the perfect bag for you.

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