Introducing Fold Away Hats

Introducing Fold Away Hats

An exciting new range for Sassy Spirit

I am pleased to bringing you a brand new range for this coming summer season. Beautiful and very functional summer hats but hats with a difference. These hats fold away in their own little pouch to become the essential travel companion.

We are launching the collection with a choice of more than a dozen hats in a variety of different styles and colours. Lets give you a quick overview.

The Cloche

Natural coloured Cloche style hat with a wide black band finished with a bow at the back.

Classic, elegant and simple in style and shape. Our cloche boasts a nice wide rim to provide the perfect level of shade. In a natural colour the hat is finished with a full black bow that trails down the back of the hat.

The Panama

Classic Unisex Panama Hat with a belted banded and a black and white brim

Our unisex Panama is a step up from the basic cream and black traditional look. With a mottled rim in black and grey tones and a belted band the hat looks stylish on men or women.

The Open Back

Natural Biscuit coloured open backed hat with an animal print trim and black bow.

Ever tried reading a book on your sun lounger whilst wearing a hat? It's uncomfortable as the brim on most hats squashes against the back of your neck and soon gets very irritating especially in the heat. Enter the Open Back Hat. These super functional hats are not any less lacking in style though and our two options feature a rear black bow and leopard print edging.

The Wide Brim

Lady wearing a white wide brimmed hat with a white spotted scarf band around it fastened with a bow.

Providing shade is an essential role in any summer hat and we are pleased to bring you a mix of options in our wide brim hats. We have bright vibrant colours of Bright Pink, Royal Blue and Emerald Green but also pastel tones in Pale Pink, Mint, White and Natural. Daisies, flowers, tassels, Leopard print, belts and butterflies all feature as additional adornments to ensure you and your hat do not go un-noticed in a crowd.

All of our new hats styles share the same fantastic rollaway feature. They easily fold in half, roll up and can be stored or transported in their cotton storage bag that we provide with each hat. Reach your destination and simply remove the hat from it's pouch and it will return to it's original shape.

Each hat is made from paper, is light weight and designed to be rolled away. They are perfect for holidays and travelling, no more worrying about where to put your hat on the plane, just roll it up and place it in your bag. Also ideal for British Summer days out when you can go from bright sunshine to rain in a flash, you can whip your hat out and on but pack it away again just as quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Do all hat styles foldaway?

Yes they do and the steps for packing your hat are the same regardless of the hat shape or style. Our step by step guide will take you through the process.

Sassy Spirit guide to packing a fold away hat.

Do hats return to their original shape after being rolled away?

Your hat will spring back into it's natural shape as soon as you remove it from it's pouch. In the event that there is some mis-shaping you can mist your hat with water. As it dries it will revert back to it's original shape.

Does being made of paper make the hat very light compared to traditional materials?

Each hat weighs approximately 200 grams and are robust in their construction. They are not substantially lighter than a traditional hat.

How long will a hat last?

Look after your hat and your hat will look after you. Our suppliers tell us they have been personally using their hats for years.


Now you know all about our fold away hats, the question to answer is, which style will you choose? Check out our full range here.

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