We have extended the Range

We have extended the Range

In 2022 we met the team at Alexander Thurlow and immediately fell in love with their beautiful Love Nature Love Flowers collection.

They do an amazing job of capturing the beauty, likeness and elegance of flowers and transition them into lovely hand painted pieces of jewellery.

Forget me not flower jewellery collection

After just a few months of stocking their jewellery it soon became clear you loved them as much as we did so at the end of last summer we added a few more pieces to the collection.

Now it's 2023 and we have been tempted again.

I am pleased to introduce you to 3 new pieces from their range that we now have in stock. They are, the stunning Iris, which is a truly a standout piece in brilliant blue with a contrasting silver stem. This showy flower makes a beautiful statement brooch and will look wonderful on any lapel.

Scotlands National Flower, the thistle joins the collection.

Many of you probably don't know how this spikey little flower came to be such a national treasure. Put simply it saved a nation. During the 13th Century after 500 years of raiding, pillaging and intermittent rule, the Vikings of Norway decided to "take" Scotland for good. In the late summer of 1263 King Haakon of Norway led a raiding team of Norsemen to attack the Scottish clans and gain control.

The Norsemen tried to attack the sleeping clansman by attacking at night under cover of darkness. To achieve the element of surprise the raiders removed their shoes so they could approach unheard. Luckily for the sleeping Scots their bare feet soon encountered a patch of very spiky thistles and their cries and complaints were enough to wake the Scots. They then had sufficient time to equip themselves and ultimately defeat the Norseman in what came to be known as the Battle of Largs. As news of the battle spread so did love for the thistle and it was immediately adopted as the Nations Flower. It is now recognised around the world as a symbol of Scotland.

The final new piece in the collection is an extension of the Red Roses we have previously had as Brooch and earrings.

With a unique luster like finish the Red Rose pendant is now also available.

I hope you like the 3 new additions.

If there is a flower not featured in our collection that you would like to see please do let me know and I can investigate if it can be sourced for you.

Thanks for reading.

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