Colours for 2024 - Are you on trend?

Colours for 2024 - Are you on trend?

We are just a few clouds away from Spring 2024 and very soon we will all be debuting our brighter coloured wardrobes. 

Sassy Spirit loves bright colours and we have been excited to see what colours are coming through in this years accessories. He is a quick breakdown of what we have spotted so far.

Pink - Thanks to Barbie / Ryan Gosling, pink is very much still on the agenda for this year. From baby pink, through rose, magenta and bright cerise pink all the shades are expected to be widely seen this spring and summer. 

Selection of fashion accessories all in pink

Royal Blue - Not to be mistaken for Navy (which is always on trend), Royal Blue is making it's own statement. Both Armani and Burberry have had Royal Blue pieces in their collections this year. Anne Hathaway wore a Royal Blue dress to the SAG awards and looked stunning in this sophisticated colour of the season.

Dark Red - A surprise colour for the summer season is Dark Red. Normally something we expect to see in the Autumn/Winter months it is very much making itself visible this year in Spring and Summer. Gucci have debuted dark red leather mini skirts whilst Valentino unveiled a stunning dress of 3D flowers. Pair your dark red items with bright pinks and yellow for contrasting statements or muted taupe's and beige for a more elegant look.

Sassy Spirit Dark Red accessories for summer 2024

Orange - A summer favourite, it's great to see Orange coming through strong again in 2024. This year we are seeing all shades of this summer wardrobe staple. Pantone revealed "Peach Fuzz" as their colour of the year, asserting that it captures our desire to nuture ourselves and others. Orange is certainly an uplifting colour that immediately adds warmth and radiance when worn with darker shades and pairs brilliantly with contrasting navy, black or brown.

Sassy Spirit Orange accessories

Acid Brights - The neon lime greens and bright yellows once a must have part of any 80s wardrobe had been reduced almost soley to use in high visibility vests for workwear and lost politicians. Now these wonderfully fun colours are back in season and widely available. They certainly add a sense of fun to your wardrobe and like orange will contrast and pair well with many of the dark colours.

Sassy Spirit Acid bright accessories for 2024

Other colours to look out for this year are Lavender, Powder Blue, Grey and Pistachio Green.

In an attempt to help our customers navigate the Sassy Spirit website we recently added "colours" to our menu. This new feature allows shoppers to search by colour for their perfect accessory. Just use the SHOP feature at the top to bring up the menu from where you can shop by colour.

Spring is now a mere 8 days away so lets hope it brings with it the sunshine so we can all get outdoors and show off our lovely bright colours of the season.

Thanks for reading.

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