Vintage Inspiration

Vintage Inspiration

I love Downton Abbey and one of the reasons I love watching it so much is quite purely the fashion. Last night Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) was flirting with the very handsome Henry Talbot (Matthew Goode). In both scenes we saw her in the most beautiful beaded gowns. It was not just the gowns themselves that stood out for me though it was the truly exquisite accessories she wore with them. Beautiful beads, diamante head band, gloves and a satin bag, they were stunning. How I wish I could travel back in time and just live for a little while in such glamour.

I shall be very sad this Christmas when we watch the last ever episode, Autumnal Sunday nights will not be the same without it. I shall miss not only the drama but my “fashion fix” of nostalgic glamour.

I have always been someone that purchased accessories for myself. This probably comes about as a result of growing up with my Mum running her own business. She used to be a partner in a local shop selling Jewellery and Giftware. She started the business when I was 11 and I was thrilled to find such easy access to fashion jewellery had suddenly come my way. I would help out in the shop on a Saturday and spend many hours looking at and trying on all the bejeweled adornments.

This was back in the 80s when Dallas and Dynasty were at their peak and diamante accessories were everywhere. I became an instant Magpie and collector of sparkly things. This has never left me and I find myself instantly gravitating towards anything that catches the light. It can sometimes be a problem for me when I am buying for Sassy Spirit as I find myself stocking up on anything with a sequin attached to it. I love that Lady Gaga has been quoted as saying she is trying to change the world one sequin at a time. I am totally with her on this and committed to spreading them everywhere. I wonder if she loves the Downton Abbey fashion as much as I do? Perhaps I will tweet her and ask………….

When I met the ladies from Peach Accessories at a trade show I was in seventh heaven. Their handbags ticked all the boxes for me. They had sparkle, were vintage inspired, all handmade and not mass produced. In fact they only make 50 of each design so your chances of bumping into anyone with the same bag as you are slim.

Using my Peach bag is about as close to a Downton Abbey lifestyle that I am likely to get unfortunately. It’s a shame that my life isn’t more balls and high society but I guess this is the modern age. Still, I pick my bag up every day and it makes me smile. The site of the shiny crystal clasp is enough to lighten my mood and carrying it (even on the school run in jeans) makes me certainly feel just that little bit more elegant. It's my own little piece of modern vintage fashion.

I for one am pleased that modern design is still influenced by our more opulent past. I love the vintage inspired accessories that are now so widely available. Give me a fury wrap, some diamante and beading any day.

 Thanks for reading.

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