"The best thing I ever bought that I didn’t know I needed."

"The best thing I ever bought that I didn’t know I needed."

Guest Blog Post by Amanda Roulstone

Yesterday I saw a Sassy Spirit Facebook post about a new style of Scarf Hanger and I smiled thinking of mine in the wardrobe upstairs.

Rewind 2 years and it's the 23rd March 2020 – the first Covid lockdown began. 

In the weeks leading up to that I had already started to see changes to the way people do business.  I am an avid networker – or I was – attending meetings at least once a week, sometimes several times.  I like meeting people and sharing the trials and tribulations of owning your own business but that all stopped.  The meetings were cancelled and it all went a bit quiet for a few weeks.

Then the online meetings began, we all signed up for Zoom accounts (wish I’d had shares in Zoom) and off we went.  There were a lot of jokes told about dressing from the waist up, but yes that’s what people see, so that’s where you put your attention. 

From a business perspective, a lot of my work ceased, and a lot of my clients took a break to consider how they were going to do business.  As did I.  One of the things that I did quite quickly was to offer an email marketing service, with set-up for those who had never used it before.  To help the people who were used to being out and about selling their goods and services. 

This brought Clare (Sassy Spirit) and I back into touch, as Clare asked me to help her set up an email marketing platform.  I knew Clare from networking meetings and I had seen some of her products at meetings, mainly her beautiful bags and jewellery, but working with her like this brought her website to my attention and suddenly I was aware of her beautiful scarves… and with Zoom networking and dressing from the waist up suddenly more scarves seemed like a good idea.

Scarf hanger filled with scarves

I do have scarves – quite a lot actually, they filled up a whole drawer and I could never, ever find one when I wanted one, although I knew it was in there somewhere.  So whilst I was browsing her website for a nice new scarf to treat myself to I came across something even better – a scarf hanger… you know that thing you didn’t know you needed until you saw it? 
Well this turned out to be my thing. 

So now I have a lovely scarf hanger, complete with a large selection of my scarves, there are more of course, warm woollen ones, infinity scarves and others that are slightly too big for the scarf hanger, but it has cleared out a whole drawer to make space for other things and now it’s super easy to find the scarf I want when I want it.  I still love pale blue scarf with the flower pattern that I treated myself to along with the scarf hanger and often wear it on my Zoom calls! 

I noticed from the Facebook post that the range has now been extended and there are now some other lovely scarf hangers on the website, the bee shaped one is adorable, and if I reach the point of needing another scarf hanger than that’s the one for me!

 So there you go, the best thing I ever bought that I didn’t know I needed. 



Thanks to Amanda for sharing her love of scarves and her handbag shaped hanger. It's great to get positive feedback and I love receiving pictures from customers showing their purchases in use.

If you’d like more information about the email marketing package that brought Amanda and I together than you can head to her website www.dragonvirtualassistants.co.uk.  

Thanks for reading

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