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Is it a Covid Legacy, has the virus shrunk our handbags?

It's long been the case that women have been known to carry a lot in their handbags. At Sassy Spirit parties I have played with guests "Whats in your bag?" This has unearthed all manor of oddities including cutlery, stones, sea shells, hair tongs, clean pants and even a can of dog was being carried by one lady worried that she might meet a hedgehog in distress and need food for it. Handbag on scales

For a long time it has been widely reported that women have been putting their health at risk, damaging their necks, back and shoulders carrying bags that are just to heavy. Back in 2007 the Daily Mail reported that UK women were averaging a whopping 5lbs worth of weight in their bags and that trend was expected to balloon to 6.6lb within 10 years.

However............. something has changed!

In this post pandemic new world handbags appear to be shrinking.

It's true; not only is Sassy Spirit stocking and selling more small bags but I have visually noticed woman are indeed carrying smaller bags.

Perhaps this is a Covid legacy. Is it that we are not venturing too far from home and therefore need only a small bag?

Certainly we aren't holidaying as much and many haven't returned to a daily commute to work with companies offering more flexible home working. Shorter journeys and less time away from the home has perhaps made us realise we don't need to have such big bags. Gone is the need to be prepared for every eventuality.

Shrinking Handbags in a line

Helping this trend is the ever fast moving pace of technology. I was reminded by a helpful shop assistant in my local supermarket just the other day that I no longer need to carry my loyalty card I can just have it on an app. What with apps and smart watches soon there may be no need to even carry a purse.

Designers have recognised the change in need to. This year saw Chanel launched their tiniest bag yet. A Golden micro mini bag that is so small it can even be worn as a pendant, bracelet or a belt charm. Their mini bag collection also included vanity bags and tiny bum bags small enough to fit across the back of your hand.

It's clear there is a definite trend growing in smaller bags and with many of the lifestyle magazines predicting it will continue into 2022 they are set to be here for a while. Are you ready for this new trend?

You can check out Sassy Spirits collection of smaller bags in our store. Our range starts at just £12.00, so smaller bags means smaller prices.

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