Hazel Pip designed scarf featuring yellow, pink and blue scarf

Introducing Hazel Pip

Hazel and Pip, sounds like great names for 2 mischevious kittens. In this instance though there is nothing feline like about Hazel & Pip.

Hazel Pip Logo

In actual fact, Hazel and Pip is a new brand that Sassy Spirit will be stocking for 2020.

Every year I look for new suppliers who I think my customers will like, it's not always easy and I try to focus on finding brands that deliver something a little bit different.

Hazel & Pip caught my eye immediately because their use of colour is amazing. I was immediately drawn to their range of beautiful scarves in vibrant colours. 

Inspired by the beauty of the flora and fauna of the Cornish countryside their designs are quintessentially English and capture an array of our favourite native wildlife. From Birds to Blackberries, Butterflies to Blue Tits their designs are both pretty and colourful.

Creator of the brand; Will Ward works from a Old Farmhouse and uses visits to Looe Island, Bodmin Moore and the Cornish Coastline for his inspiration.

I feel pleased to be supporting a British designer and hope you will love Hazel Pip as much as do. Please do let me know what you think to the range.

Thanks for reading.

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