How can a clean and tidy handbag help your mental health?

How can a clean and tidy handbag help your mental health?

2018 is here, in fact blink and you will notice that we are already half way through January; how did that happen? Like many, I am not as “on” the new resolution thing as I could be, in fact several of mine are not yet written. On the up side this means they are also not broken.

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I am sure that I am not the only one that feels like our world now seems to be moving so fast that life can feel like a constant game of catch up. As a busy working Mum of twins I often feel like my daily life compares with a trip to a theme park. There are a lot of ups and downs as I speed through the day at breakneck speed. I am constantly riding a Merry Go Round of endless jobs that I can’t seem to get on top of and to finish the day exhausted and sometimes feeling sick is not uncommon.

"Control your clutter or it will control you." - Anon

Getting organised is essential if I want to get through the day in one piece. The benefits of being organised are compelling and in fact if we took a moment to really assess them we would make being organised a priority. It is a known fact that chaos and clutter elevate our stress levels, so by virtue clean and tidy environments that are organised can lead us to a sense of calm and wellbeing.

As women we have a natural tendency to carry clutter around with us all day. With the average UK woman carrying around 5.4lbs* of weight in her handbag it’s not hard to imagine that an awful lot of that might be needless clutter. So when was the last time you decluttered your handbag?

"Clutter causes stress and stress is one of the main barriers of productivity." - Charisse Ward

Now is the time to seize the moment. Empty out the memories; good and bad of 2017, perhaps even 2016 if you are a real hoarder and head into 2018 with a decluttered handbag. It never ceases to amaze me what us women carry about with us. How many of you are carrying sea shells, pebbles, broken pieces of make-up, old hair clips, out of date sticky throat sweets and pens that don’t even work? So come on ladies, it’s time to get yourselves organised. Do it for yourself, your health and your sanity.

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We are going to do our bit to help. If you have reached this point in the blog, thank you for reading. The code NEWME2018 can be used against any of our Periea Handbag Organisers and will reduce the cost to just £5.00. That’s a great incentive and our brightly coloured collection of varying designs will seriously help you with not just decluttering but also overall organisation in your bag. No more fumbling in the bottom for your mobile and keys.




If whilst you are clearing out you discover something funny in your bag drop us a note below and tell us what you find, the crazier the better.

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