Did I ever imagine I would be a Monica Lewinsky Fan?

Did I ever imagine I would be a Monica Lewinsky Fan?

Having only started my blog a few weeks ago, one of the things I have been anxious to find out is; how often should I write? 'Once a week' I was advised. 'Once a week!' How on earth could I find enough to say? So I started to look round for images, people and events that could inspire me.

Little did I realise just who I might draw inspiration from.

I have just watched a 22 minute video of what I can only describe as a very articulate and accomplished speaker. This lady showed great poise as she engaged her audience in a moving and personal narrative that was enlightening, heartfelt and delivered with the utmost grace. I felt myself warm to her as every minute of the presentation passed and I smiled broadly at the sight of her well-deserved standing ovation at the end.

It has come as a complete surprise to me to find that I am now both a supporter and respecter of Monica Lewinsky.

If anyone reading this has any personal hopes for a kinder more compassionate world then I strongly suggest you take just 22 minutes to listen to this extraordinary woman.

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