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Beecham House is an accessory lovers dream

The period drama Beecham House started this week on ITV and I like so far many others will have been delighted to see what a truly beautiful production it is. Set at the end of the 18th Century it transports us to a vibrant and colourful India. 

Character John Beecham from drama Beecham House

What was striking to me from the start was how well dressed everyone was and what an extensive array of fashion accessories we saw the characters wearing in just the first 2 episodes. As a lover of sparkly things I was in my element as I noted all the bright, colourful and very elegant ways the actors costumes had been finished.

Our leading man; John Beecham not only wasn’t without his own set of accessories, looking dashing in his Indiana Jones esq ensemble, complete with bandana framed hat, waistcoat and leather strap pendant necklace but he went as far as admiring those of others. On meeting the French General Castillion for the first time despite having much to talk of, the encounter included an assessment of the generals red ruby pin. I imagine ruby brooches were not standard French army issue but it in no way looks out of place on the general. Beechams brother and side kick Sam are equally as well dressed with the Indian male cast also looking fabulous and sporting a selection of brocade waistcoats, golden jewellery and rich silk coloured turbans.   

Beecham House Trailer

For me though it was the Indian female characters that stole the show, looking truly exquisite in shimmering silks. The arrival of Johns sister-in-law; Chandrika was mesmerising.  She looked absolutely beautiful as her and her well dressed entourage arrived at his house. My eyes were immediately drawn to her elaborate sun shade carried by one of her attendants. Quite beyond an accessory the parasol must have measured 6ft across and was trimmed in a glowing orange tassel edging, it ensured she made quite the entrance. Emerging from the parasol the lady herself was stunning in an orange Sari and was adorned with a beautiful array of Indian jewellery covering her head, neck, ears, arms and fingers. She looked wonderful and I immediately found myself thinking this is definitely not a “less is more” moment. 

Beecham House Episode 2

Worlds apart in looks and style the well dressed English ladies also gave us a glimpse at their wealth of outfit finishing accessories. Hats, ribbon tied bonnets, shawls, wraps, jewellery, feather and lace fans were all on display. It was a joy for me to see how every cast member had been exquisitely finished with beautiful detailing. I was reminded of the Michael Kors quote in which he said “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a womans outfit.” There is no doubt that the creators of Beecham House are embracing this and ensuring that all their characters are fully loaded with exclamation points.

I look forward to the next episode not just for the story but so I can further my interest in seeing how this era of history is still relevant with the fashion accessories of today.

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