Why Buy Slipper Socks This Christmas?

Why Buy Slipper Socks  This Christmas? Let's be honest, we all have a moment or two when we the cold, right? Year in year out, whether summer or winter, there are ample opportunities when we could be that little bit cosier.

Whenever we see slipper socks, they’re usually in a Christmas advert, in front of a warming fireplace in the middle of winter. It's worth remembering though that, a present like slipper socks would see plenty of wear all year round.

Here at Sassy Spirit we love to be warm too and that's why we have selected a great range of Slipper Socks. All the socks are fully fleece lined down to the tip of the toes. All our designs are machine washable so if they get a bit grubby you can easily just throw them into the washing machine.

The Germans developed the Hutten Socken or 'Cabin sock' so that wearers didn't slip on the polished cabin floors. All our socks feature anti-slip rubber pads on the feet, so you'll have a good grip wherever you are in the house. Our Slipper socks are also a great gift for the environment. The slipper socks proudly display the German Sheep logo for "Confidence in Textiles" meaning they have been thoroughly tested for harmful substances. So not only will be good your you, they won't pollute the environment when they are finally worn out and discarded.

Comfy Feet on Holiday

One great think about Slipper Socks is they are super easy to pack, you can take them anywhere. So when you're on going holiday, you can take them. They are nice on long-haul flights when your standard shoes can become uncomfy. Why restrict them to flights, long bus, train or even car journeys would be better wearing our comfy socks too.

If you prefer a camping holiday, then slipper socks remain a perfect travelling companion. The evenings and early mornings can be cold. so just pull on your slipper socks for instant comfort and make that tent or camper van a home from home. You’ll have warm toes all night long.

They go perfectly with a big thick woolly jumper as you sip a drink and look up at the stars,

Socks at Home

the clue is in the name really, Slipper socks are a hybrid of socks, and slippers. So whenever you'd normally wear slippers, you'll now have these comfy socks instead. They keep you warm in the lounge and bedroom or when you walk into the cooler rooms with tiled floors such as kitchens and bathrooms.

These are just some of the possibilities, we're sure you'll find lots more uses. If you want to pick up your own pair of slipper socks, or maybe some for friends and family, be sure and get your order in soon, this is the time they start flying off the shelves, you don't want to miss out.

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