The Perfect Pairing - Using your Periea Organiser with your Madaraff Basket

Our Madaraff Baskets pair perfectly with our Periea Handbag Organisers for those times when you want to add some structure to your basket. raffia baskets for sale

We know that many of you love to use your basket as a handbag during the summer months but not all of you love the open space and wish for some pockets and dividers. By placing one our handbag organisers inside this can easily be achieved.

Matching Bag Style

Each of our handbag organisers comes with handles for easy insertion and lifting out of the basket. Depending on which Periea style you select you can easily add large dividing sections to your basket and up to a dozen smaller pockets. This enables you to safely stow away your smaller handbag items and prevent them from rolling around in the bottom of the basket.

bags and baskets

At the end of the summer you can move your organiser on to another bag or use it in a variety of different ways to store all types of things in.

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