Is Romance Dead?

I spent the day at the beautiful Assembly Rooms in Lincoln yesterday.  It was the first Craft and Gift Fair of the year and I was surrounded by 40+ other stall holders. Several of us had lovely displays with some carefully selected valentine inspired gifts to tempt the romantic males of Lincoln.

Oh the disappointment!

What has happened to the men of Lincoln?

Not only did we find they had deep pockets which they were determined to keep their hands inside but the mere concept of buying their loved one a gift was met with mirth, amazement and a great deal of sarcasm.

When coaxed to discuss their view point many seemed to be under the illusion that all us women really wanted was an over priced bunch of red roses from the supermarket. Now far be it from me to knock a bunch of roses, I certainly would be happy to receive flowers at any time of the year. A carefully chosen gift that I can keep however would be decidedly more cherished.

Am I alone in this view point? Is it that all a woman wants for Valentines day is a bunch of supermarket roses or is that romance has died out in our men? Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.