Could you be a guest blogger for Sassy Spirit in 2019?

Fashion ~ Fear, how does fear shape our fashion decisions? 

I myself have too often let fear shape the decisions I make. Sassy Spirit will be 4 years old in January 2019 and yet it is only in the last 6 months that I have felt brave enough to talk about how and why I came to set up the company. 

I’m lucky; I haven’t had to battle any disfiguring diseases or overcome physical illnesses. I do know what’s it’s like to have a partner that doesn’t support you and places a cruel selfish importance on image and beauty but as life goes mine hasn’t been hard. Most of my demons are my own. Put simply; I love my food and my battles stem from the self loathing and lack of confidence that having a larger, curvier figure brings with it. I know though that I am one of the lucky ones, many women battle with the mirror every day. Too many women are knotted up with anxiety about the way they look and for a whole host of reasons beyond carrying a few extra pounds.

When I set up Sassy Spirit I hoped that it would be a place where ladies of any shape, size, age or background could come to buy something pretty that when they wore it, it would help them to feel good. Give them a little confidence boost. For me having a beautiful accessory that fitted me regardless of what my weight was doing was always a comfort. I want other women to feel boosted and brave when they reach for an accessory that makes them feel beautiful.

I realise now though that I haven’t been loud and proud enough about this desire and so this is what I want to change for 2019. One of the ways I hope to get this message across is with a monthly blog focusing on Fashion and Fear. I hope that by asking the question; How does fear shape our fashion decisions? That I will be able to bring you guest blogs from real women with real experiences to share. By reading how other people battle their fears, together we can help more women feel more confident about facing their own worries.

You can now play your part. I am inviting applications from Guest Bloggers who would like to share their story or their experiences with the Sassy Spirit community on how they have faced their fears with fashion. I hope that blogs will be wide and varied and I can bring you inspirational writing from many different women. There are no pre-defined topics that your story needs to fall into as every womans journey is unique. So if you have something to share and would like to be considered for a guest blog all you need to do is email me -

It would be helpful if your email is titled “Guest Blog” so I don’t miss it. Initially I would just like an outline of your content, not a fully written blog. Your outline should include information on who you are and why you feel inspired to share your story. Don’t forget to include a contact number and a link to any blogs you have previously written. Once I have reviewed your email, I will be in touch.

Please do share this blog far and wide so that it reaches as many inspirational women as possible.

Thanks for reading



Update 1st March 2019 - I am still looking for guest bloggers for this series, however, our first episodes are now live and can be viewed here:

Episode 1 - Scars, scarves and year my face nearly fell off - Sheena Whyatt

Episode 2 - How my earrings took me from prejudice to pageants - Tess Clayton Sanderson

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