Why you don't want Cold Feet

My husband always has warm feet and in contrast, mine are often cold. So why is this, is there something wrong with me I ask?

Well, there could be. As I search the internet for answers I find myself learning so much about cold feet; what causes them, why I should avoid having them and even how not having them can lead to all sorts of benefits including better sleep and would you believe it, an increase in my likelihood to orgasm.

So, let me share with you some of the things I have discovered.

There are a variety of reasons why you might suffer from Cold Feet including cold temperatures, lifestyle choices and general health. When your feet are cold your body constricts your blood vessels and causes less blood to circulate.

Over a period of time, you can see your fingers and toes actually turn blue as less blood flows through them. For short periods of time this isn’t a problem and as you warm up again blood flow, circulation and colour will all return to normal.

It could be more serious.

Raynauds suffers (of which women are 9 times more likely to suffer than men) must take extra care to avoid cold feet as a factor of the disease is that the victims can’t feel the cold and so are unaware that they need to take action to warm their hands and feet up when they get too cold.

Diabetes and Anemia are two other well-documented conditions that can result in cold feet, as well as Hypothyroidism caused by an underactive thyroid gland. As lifestyle plays a significant part in our health, making a few small changes to our foot care can soon reduce the problem of cold feet dramatically.

What can you do to keep your feet warm?

In addition to moisturising your feet to make them soft, soaking them in a foot spa to warm you up and gentle massage to aid circulation, an obvious easy first step can be the simple investment in a pair of good socks.

Keeping your feet warm will not only stave off the symptoms caused by some of the above conditions but warm feet bring about a number of other health and wellbeing benefits. 

Did you know for example that wearing socks in bed can help women prevent hot flashes? Some women find that wearing socks can be helpful for cooling their core body temperature as the whole body is maintained at a more balanced temperature. Wearing socks in bed can also reduce the “drying” of your feet that can lead onto cracked heels.

Socks are Sexy, who knew?

An even better reason for wearing socks in bed was reported by the BBC when they revealed that Dutch scientists at the University of Groningen discovered that having Cold Feet can inhibit our ability to orgasm.  During their studies, the university gave couples socks to wear and found that 80% were able to achieve orgasm with socks on compared to only 50% without.

So it just goes to show that it’s not just laziness that drives men to leave their socks on!

When all the excitement of sex in socks is over, you might also not be surprised to hear that wearing socks can help you to fall asleep more easily. Having warm feet sends a signal to our brains telling it that we are ready for sleep, along with a sense of well-being our warm feet can help us get to sleep more readily. A good idea is to rub your feet up and down on the bed to get them warm before you put your socks on and then lay back and you should drift off more easily.

Sassy Spirit Slipper Socks

A feeling of warmth and relaxation is always going to be preferable to cold and stressed, so if you don’t have a plan for keeping your feet warm this winter now could be a good time to make one.

No-one knows if the UK will be facing another “Beast from the East” this winter but if we are, I for one will be ready.

A pair of German 'Hutten Socken' (Slipper Socks) is going to be perfect for staying toastie. Check out how cosy they look in the picture opposite. Hutten Socken means Log Cabin Socks and the Germans know a fair bit about cold weather, boasting a mere -45.9 degrees as their coldest winter on record.

Fleece lined from top to toe they are super warm and with rubber grips, on the soles, you can wear them around the house without fear of falling over.

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They are machine washable so can go in the laundry with everything else.

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So I hope you will join me in staying warm this winter and saying goodbye to Cold Feet.

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