Going Mad for Madaraff

In April 2017 we started stocking Madaraff bags and hats. Your response to them has been amazing.

The brightly coloured baskets have been a huge hit with you.

Madaraff Bags


Attractive Raffia Products

I was immediately attracted to them when I saw them for the first time. These baskets are so cheerful to look at that I was spoilt for choice trying to imagine which bag I should have for myself.

I was interested to learn that Madaraff is a family business founded by 2 brothers and their wives. Attracted to Madagascar by its diverse flora and fauna one of the brothers fell not only in love with the island but with a local lady who would later become his wife.

Their family business now brings beautiful and inspired handmade products direct from Madagascar for sale in the UK.

The raffia used is a renewable and sustainable raw material and all of the products are fairly traded. The products are made by family run, co-operatives or small artisans units regularly visited by Madaraff.

Sassy Spirit stock a wide range of colours and sizes so we are sure, we have something for you.

Many of our customers love to use the baskets as a summer handbag and so when buying a basket from us we offer our customers a discounted handbag organiser to go with it. Check out how the two work together. 

To see what we currently have available please visit our online shop.


Did I ever imagine I would be a Monica Lewinsky Fan?

Having only started my blog a few weeks ago, one of the things I have been anxious to find out is; how often should I write? 'Once a week' I was advised. 'Once a week!' How on earth could I find enough to say? So I started to look round for images, people and events that could inspire me.

Little did I realise just who I might draw inspiration from.

I have just watched a 22 minute video of what I can only describe as a very articulate and accomplished speaker. This lady showed great poise as she engaged her audience in a moving and personal narrative that was enlightening, heartfelt and delivered with the utmost grace. I felt myself warm to her as every minute of the presentation passed and I smiled broadly at the sight of her well-deserved standing ovation at the end.

It has come as a complete surprise to me to find that I am now both a supporter and respecter of Monica Lewinsky.

If anyone reading this has any personal hopes for a kinder more compassionate world then I strongly suggest you take just 22 minutes to listen to this extraordinary woman.

“We are all stars and deserve to twinkle.”

I saw in the news this weekend that photographs from Marilyn Monroe’s last photo shoot are about to be auctioned. The photos taken just weeks before her death are expected to fetch upwards of £4,000 each when they go on sale 10th-15th March.

I think that it is both amazing and marvellous that some 53 years after her death we are still so interested in this Hollywood icon. Both men and women alike admire her, although certainly for different reasons.

When you look online there are so many beautiful pictures of her in circulation, it’s hard to believe that she might ever have had a bad hair day.  If only we all had a small army of stylists to get us ready in the morning the world would certainly be a more glamourous place.

It will be interesting to see just how much the photographs go for.

If you would like your own Marilyn image we currently have scarves at £8.50 each, available in blue, white and peach.

What is a Sassy Spirit?

Who knew that finding a name for my new business was going to be so hard? Every time I thought I had a name I liked I checked the companies register to find it had already been taken or the domain name wasn’t available. I had been trying to link the name of the business with my idea of selling ladies fashion accessories. Logical you might think but clearly a lot of entrepreneurs before me had the same ideas for suitable and snappy names.

So here I was, I knew what I wanted to do but couldn’t find a name to reflect it. I had to look at it from another angle. I started to think about why I was setting up my own business; I was disillusioned with working for other people, I wanted my independence, I wanted to grow and nurture something of my own, I wanted to make a statement about me, I wanted to be successful in my own right.

What kind of a person was I though, that I thought I could do all these things? Perhaps I could come up with a name that reflected who I was and who I hoped my customers might be.

Well I knew I had never been a shrinking violet so I dived into a thesaurus and started looking at word alternatives. “Spirited” jumped straight off the page at me. “Yes, I’m spirited” I thought, but did that make me sound too bohemian? More searching and I found Sassy but what exactly did it mean, would it represent confident stylish women?

Sassy – A definition

Full of character, animation, vigor or courage. The Free Dictionary

Lively bold and full of spirit. Oxford Dictionaries

Possessing the attitude of someone endowed with an ungodly amount of cool. Urban Dictionary

Well I wasn’t entirely sure I could be all of these things, all of the time but I was happy I had found my name; Sassy Spirit.

So to answer the question what is a Sassy Spirit? We all are. We might not be at our most sassiest everyday but we have the potential to be Sassy Spirits, in fact I would say it’s a worthy goal. Sassy Spirit is a state of mind that any modern day woman can achieve, it doesn’t matter what our background is, what we do for a living, where we live or how well off we are. My aim is to give ladies the tools to boost their outer confidence, because with a bit of style and few well chosen accessories a Sassy Spirit is something we can all aspire to be.

I hope I can be engaging in some friendly banter with Sassy Spirits at my pop up shop and home parties soon.

Thanks for reading.


Waiting to exhale.

Today is the 2nd March, I have officially been in business for a day, my first pop up shop is tomorrow and I feel like I am holding my breath. It’s like that moment on the roller coaster when you’ve chugged up the steep incline and you’re facing the stomach lurching drop below. It seemed like a good idea at the time but now you’re not so sure. Invariably the ride only lasts a few minutes and you do get off feeling exhilarated if not a little queasy. These are all the things I am feeling about my new business.

This is me though; this is who I am and how I do things. I live my life by milestones. I tell myself if I can just get through to the next milestone everything will be fine. Getting the business ready was all about reaching the 1st March, designing the brand, buying stock, building the website, all in anticipation of getting safely to the date and being ready. When the website when live yesterday we had a little switching on ceremony in the kitchen. Standing round my laptop, my husband, sons and I watched to a drum roll as the holding page came down and with it a small sigh of relief.

Less than 24 hours later though I am holding my breath again. Now I am waiting to see if I can make a success of it. This particular breath will probably be held for the vast part of the next month. It won’t be enough to just have tomorrows pop up shop, I will need to know I have it in me to do more than one.

I think as women we probably hold our breath more than men. It’s part of our “think ahead” programming. My husband very much lives in the moment, forward thinking is absolutely not his thing. He doesn’t understand milestones, in fact he would say he doesn’t need them. He is more likely to say something like “If you don’t know where you’re going, you can’t get lost.”

For me, not knowing where I am going is the same thing as being lost. Am I alone in this, or are there others out there following milestones and trying not to get lost to? Let me know.

Thanks for reading