FREE Delivery on all orders over £25.00

Christmas is just round the corner and as so many are tightening their belts and cutting back 

on the amount of gifts they buy I wanted to do something to just help with the cost of your festive shopping.

With immediate effect I am dropping our FREE delivery threshold from £100 to £25. So if you are shopping online with us from today and for the rest of 2018 you can enjoy free delivery when you spend £25.

All our deliveries will still be made by fully tracked courier so we will know where your order is and when it will be delivered. We will still be wrapping your orders in tissue paper and packing them with care and we will still be dispatching your orders within 48 hours of receipt. So the only thing changing is the amount you need to spend for FREE delivery.

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30 Special Offers; 1 Everyday for 30 days throughout November

Sassy Spirit isn't just having a Single Black Friday event this November we are having a whole month of them.

I hope many of my regular shoppers will enjoy the very special November I have planned.

Every day at Midnight I will be releasing a special offer for that day to celebrate a whole month of Black Fridays.

Each offer will last only 24 Hours and if we sell out before the day is up, then the offer will expire sooner.

So Sassy Spirits you need to be all over this, get your Christmas Shopping Lists ready, mentally prepare for treating yourself and enjoy the ride. I have never run a promotion like this with so many giveaways and special treats that it's going to be exciting for me to.

All 30 offers will be published on the Sassy Spirit FACEBOOK page, so if you are not following it you could miss out. Click the button below to go there now and give us a "LIKE".

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I hope you all enjoy what I have in store for you.

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Exciting times at Sassy Spirit
Exciting times here at Sassy Spirit
Gok Wan Fashion Brunch Club - Our day together in Lincoln
"Ooo Sassy Spirit" he said "are you your name sake?"
Free Periea Hanbag Organiser
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"Oh No I hope he doesn't want to see me naked!"

It's been an exciting couple of weeks for Sassy Spirit and it all started with the type of phone call that you don't get on an average sort of day.

"Hello this is Suzy from Gok Wans Office" 

The line was clear and I was pretty sure I had heard correctly, the voice had said Gok Wan! My brain started racing. In fact in the next few seconds I think my mind propelled me through a series of very confusing questions and scenarios for why Goks office might be calling me. My thoughts culminated in my biggest fear of "Oh No I hope he doesn't want to see me naked!"

Well the world can breathe a sigh of relief there was absolutely no mention of me taking my clothes off. Suzy had called to tell me all about Goks Fashion Brunch Club and how he was bringing it to Lincoln for a Special Mothers Day Event.

I have to confess and say that at this point I had no idea what the Fashion Brunch Club was but I was still excited to hear that Gok would be in Lincoln and I was waiting patiently to hear why I was being called with this news. Suzy went on to describe what a wonderful event they had planned. A 300 ticket only event, to be held at the Hilton Doubletree, Brunch, Prosecco, Fashion Show, Style Tips, Goody Bags, Goks Dreamspace and live in the flesh, Gok himself. It all sounded wonderful.

I was imaging myself in weddingesque finery sipping Prosecco and chatting with Gok about how to make my bum look less round when Suzy delivered her killer question. "Would I like to be one of the local businesses to come and retail in Goks, Dreamspace?" She went on to say how they had found Sassy Spirit online and they really liked what they had seen. They were very carefully selecting only 6 businesses to be showcased at the event and would be really pleased if I would consider it.

Wow! "Would I consider it?" Of course I would consider it. So after a few more questions Suzy was sending me the details and I was looking at my phone wondering if that call had really happened.

What a huge compliment. I was smiling from ear to ear, this was so exciting. Now what to do first? Tell someone! I messaged my good friend Becky the following "If you could spend Mothers Days with me and Gok Wan would you be interested?"

She rang me straight away and started firing questions at me............."What is it?, Why are you asking me about Gok? Can I bring my Mum? Will Gok be bringing Dolly?"

"What? Who's Dolly?" I asked. "Who's Dolly?" she asked incredulously "His Dog" and I could almost hear her rolling her eyes at me in frustration.

So in short her answer was a firm yes, she did want to spend Mothers Days with me and Gok. That was a week ago now and we have both almost calmed down. Planning for event is now in full swing and we are looking forward to it with so much excitement. 

If you can make it to Lincoln on Sunday 11th March for what is probably going to be the social highlight of 2018 it would be great to see you. As I am writing this there are still tickets available but these won't hang around for long so if you are struggling for a Mothers Day gift why not push the boat out and make this one really something to remember.


To purchase tickets:



Gok Wans Fashion Brunch Club

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