Why do we give love hearts for Valentines?
More modern thinkers suggest that the Love Heart shape represents the sexuality of the female body.
How can a clean and tidy Handbag help your mental health and wellbeing?
Now is the time to seize the moment. Empty out the memories; good and bad of 2017, perhaps even 2016 if you are a real hoarder and head into 2018 with a decluttered handbag.
Summer Sale

Our Summer Sale has started.

We have a few of our Superbia Summer Handbags left in stock and have now reduced these down to just £20. Hot summer shades and beautiful Italian styling blend perfectly with these bags. Most come with a detachable shoulder strap.

Grab yours before we sell out completely.

New Supplier for 2017 - Wishstrings

Sassy Spirit is super pleaed to be able to bring you a new product line for 2017. Please meet Wishstrings. 

WishStrings.Co are located in the delightful Cumbrian Market town of Brampton. Founded in 2012 WishStrings.Co produce a delightful range of WishString Wish Bracelets.

We will be stocking 2 of their popular lines; Wiststrings Sentiments and their Wishstrings Bracelets.

The idea behind the Wishstring is as charming as the item itself. Each WishString is presented on a beautifully designed card with an inspirational saying, quirky graphics and empowering words. The bottom of each card reads 'Make a Wish, tie on the bracelet, when the thread wears thin and breaks away, your wish will come true so they say!'  Shoppers can choose from a variety of wishes, all uplifting and inspiring. I have a few favourites already; "Friends are like stars, you don't have to see them to know that they are there." and "Be a Mermaid, make waves" are just 2 that jumped out at me straight away.

As we are also stocking their Bracelets range as well, shoppers can choose a delightful Silver Tone Beaded Charm Bracelet instead of the original Wishstring option. These are also presented on a gift card with an inspirtatonal message and are elasticated so will stretch to fit.



I am certain that you Sassy Spirits are going to love these little things and with prices from just £3.25 they are going to make a fab alternative to a traditional card for birthdays and special occasions. They also make great unique wedding or party favours. Each WishString holds it own special message and meaning to its wearer. They really are a lovely handcrafted gift and I look forward to hearing your feedback on this fab new addition to our catalogue. Please do let me know which is your favourite.

Thank for reading



Thank you - £21k raised for Armed Forces Charities

I was delighted to receive notification this morning that the sale of Equilibrium Poppy Jewellery has now raised an amazing £21,462.50 for 2 fabulous Armed Forces Charities.

The money is to be split equally with £10,731.25 going to both Scottys Little Soldiers and Soldiers off the Street. Both extremley worthy causes, who will benefit hugely from these donations.

Since July last year Sassy Spirit has been very pleased to be stocking the beautiful Equilibrium Poppy range. Our customers have loved the vibrant red and black pieces. So we would like to say a personal thank you to all our customers that purchased an item, well done on your contriubution to such a fantastic total.

Thank you for reading.

New Madaraff Designs 2017

We are excited to once again be stocking Madaraffs beautiful raffia baskets and this years new designs are as stunning as ever.

We took a few down to the beach to check out just how stunning they look on the sand.

The bright and vibrant colours didn't disappoint and even on a cloudy day they illuminated their surroundings.

My personal favourite is the new Rambling Honeysuckle on a Blue Denim background. I love the delicate, pretty flower, although the cheery Rainbow that adorns it's own basket is also fun and will be a big hit with many.

The new designs are available now in our online store, just visit the Madaraff page.

Thanks for reading.

The Nations love of Poppies grow.

It was lovely to meet so many people at Armed Forces Day in Cleethorpes on Saturday.

Sassy Spirit was right on the sea front and we had a fantastic view of all the days activities. The Red Arrows were amazing and I confess to feeling a huge surge of patriotic pride as we watched them cross the sky streaming plumes of red, white and blue.


We took along our growing selection of beautiful Poppy Accessories and were pleased with the lovely feedback we received. There was no doubt that fans of the baskets were wide and varied as you can see below. I confess to chuckling every time I see the picture of Darth Vadar standing so solemnly with his Madaraff basket.


Your love of our new Equilibrium Poppy Jewellery was also delightful to see and I was pleased so many of you liked the new friendship bracelet with its adjustable fastening.


I have created a new page on the website now so that all our Poppy accessories can be viewed together. I hope you will all delight in the selection available. If you are looking to see them in the flesh please pop along to our Facebook page to stay up to date with where we will be. For those of you venturing to Lincoln to see the Poppy Wave at Lincoln Castle please check out the Craft and Gift Fairs at the Assembly Rooms on Bailgate where we regularly attend.

I hope to see you all again soon.

The Perfect Pairing - Using your Periea Organiser with your Madaraff Basket

Our Madaraff Baskets pair perfectly with our Periea Handbag Organisers for those times when you want to add some structure to your basket. 

We know that many of you love to use your basket as a handbag during the summer months but not all of you love the open space and wish for some pockets and dividers. By placing one our handbag organisers inside this can easily be achieved.

Each of our handbag organisers comes with handles for easy insertion and lifting out of the basket. Depending on which Periea style you select you can easily add large dividing sections to your basket and up to a dozen smaller pockets. This enables you to safely stow away your smaller handbag items and prevent them from rolling around in the bottom of the basket.

At the end of the summer you can move your organiser on to another bag or use it in a variety of different ways to store all types of things in. Check out my blog on a holiday to Florida and how I took 3 different organisers with me.

Our Chelsy handbag organsier is available to buy with your Madaraff basket and when bought together you will receive 44% discount on the cost of the organiser. Just view our Madaraff listings for more details.

Is Romance Dead?

I spent the day at the beautiful Assembly Rooms in Lincoln yesterday.  It was the first Craft and Gift Fair of the year and I was surrounded by 40+ other stall holders. Several of us had lovely displays with some carefully selected valentine inspired gifts to tempt the romantic males of Lincoln.

Oh the disappointment!

What has happened to the men of Lincoln?

Not only did we find they had deep pockets which they were determined to keep their hands inside but the mere concept of buying their loved one a gift was met with mirth, amazement and a great deal of sarcasm.

When coaxed to discuss their view point many seemed to be under the illusion that all us women really wanted was an over priced bunch of red roses from the supermarket. Now far be it from me to knock a bunch of roses, I certainly would be happy to receive flowers at any time of the year. A carefully chosen gift that I can keep however would be decidedly more cherished.

Am I alone in this view point? Is it that all a woman wants for Valentines day is a bunch of supermarket roses or is that romance has died out in our men? Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

Vintage Inspiration

I love Downton Abbey and one of the reasons I love watching it so much is quite purely the fashion. Last night Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) was flirting with the very handsome Henry Talbot (Matthew Goode). In both scenes we saw her in the most beautiful beaded gowns. It was not just the gowns themselves that stood out for me though it was the truly exquisite accessories she wore with them. Beautiful beads, diamante head band, gloves and a satin bag, they were stunning. How I wish I could travel back in time and just live for a little while in such glamour.

I shall be very sad this Christmas when we watch the last ever episode, Autumnal Sunday nights will not be the same without it. I shall miss not only the drama but my “fashion fix” of nostalgic glamour.

I have always been someone that purchased accessories for myself. This probably comes about as a result of growing up with my Mum running her own business. She used to be a partner in a local shop selling Jewellery and Giftware. She started the business when I was 11 and I was thrilled to find such easy access to fashion jewellery had suddenly come my way. I would help out in the shop on a Saturday and spend many hours looking at and trying on all the bejeweled adornments.

This was back in the 80s when Dallas and Dynasty were at their peak and diamante accessories were everywhere. I became an instant Magpie and collector of sparkly things. This has never left me and I find myself instantly gravitating towards anything that catches the light. It can sometimes be a problem for me when I am buying for Sassy Spirit as I find myself stocking up on anything with a sequin attached to it. I love that Lady Gaga has been quoted as saying she is trying to change the world one sequin at a time. I am totally with her on this and committed to spreading them everywhere. I wonder if she loves the Downton Abbey fashion as much as I do? Perhaps I will tweet her and ask………….

When I met the ladies from Peach Accessories at a trade show I was in seventh heaven. Their handbags ticked all the boxes for me. They had sparkle, were vintage inspired, all handmade and not mass produced. In fact they only make 50 of each design so your chances of bumping into anyone with the same bag as you are slim.

Using my Peach bag is about as close to a Downton Abbey lifestyle that I am likely to get unfortunately. It’s a shame that my life isn’t more balls and high society but I guess this is the modern age. Still, I pick my bag up every day and it makes me smile. The site of the shiny crystal clasp is enough to lighten my mood and carrying it (even on the school run in jeans) makes me certainly feel just that little bit more elegant. It's my own little piece of modern vintage fashion.

I for one am pleased that modern design is still influenced by our more opulent past. I love the vintage inspired accessories that are now so widely available. Give me a fury wrap, some diamante and beading any day.

 Thanks for reading.